About Us

Keeping track of the New Mexico Legislative process just got easier! Roadrunner Capitol Reports is a comprehensive, web-based legislative tracking and reporting service that lets you track legislation, report to your clients or association members, get in touch with members of the legislature and much, much more.

Roadrunner Capitol Reports helps the professional lobbyist, advocate, association or company keep on top of everything happening at the New Mexico Legislature. Know what bills are introduced and when they are scheduled for hearings, choose which bills to follow and create informative reports for communicating with clients, organization members and legislators. We are your legislative partner from gavel to gavel and beyond.

Meet Our Great Team

Allison K. Smith


Allison is a registered lobbyist in the state of New Mexico. She created Roadrunner Capitol Reports as a more effective way to serve her clients. She quickly learned that others were interested in what she was creating.


Dino Montoya


Dino is in charge of the team of analysts who are responsible for analyzing every piece of legislation introduced.

Holly leads the team that is responsible for communicating alerts and committee information to our members.

What Can I Do With Roadrunner Capitol Reports?
  • Track legislation in the State of New Mexico for multiple clients.
  • Create and send reports.
  • Know when committees, caucuses and floor sesssions are in progress.
  • Reach out to decision makers.
  • Stay up to date on all matters pending before the New Mexico State Legislature.
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How We Began

Roadrunner Capitol Reports began as a way to more effectively report to clients for an individual lobbysit. Over the last few years it has evolved into a completely web based system created with the professional lobbyist or advocate in mind.

Roadrunner Capitol Reports has evolved by listening to the needs of our customers and putting great ideas into practice.